About NJC

Since 1977, the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring journalists in the values of responsible, balanced, and accurate reporting. Weekly seminars and on-the-job experience provide participants with the tools to become leaders in combating bias in the mainstream media.

Seminars include talks with prominent journalists and public policy experts, writing exercises, training in investigative reporting, reading assignments, and current events and policy discussions.

Interns spend the majority of the week on assignment with a media outlet learning from professionals in the journalism field.

The balance of real-world experience and quality academic training provides students with a competitive edge in the job market after completing the National Journalism Center’s 12-week program.

“This internship gives me a leg up on the competition when I enter the market. . . . I came here as an intern, but I am leaving as a young professional.”
-Adam Ulbricht, intern at Radio America, Summer 2012

“From writing and interviewing skills, audio and video editing, to rolling the teleprompter – my internship has stocked my resume with the tools I need to succeed after college. I have had exposure to DC council meetings, congressional hearings, and news breaking press conferences – sometimes all in one day.”
-Megan Hickey, intern at WTOP and ABC7, Summer 2011

“The weekly sessions at NJC have offered me an inside view into the working life and mind of the successful DC journalist.”
-Luca Gattoni-Celli, intern at USA Today, Fall 2012

“This summer I learned more about reporting simply by doing it and by being surrounded by journalists, than I could have by reading a dozen books. Most notably, I honed my skills by interviewing at least 60 different people during my internship.

NJC taught me that excellence in journalism is ultimately dependent on the individual journalists and news outlets rather than on the media world in general. I have hope that my career will bear evidence of painstaking devotion to truth, accuracy, and relevance if only I work hard and dedicate myself to true and good ideals that are bigger than myself.”
-Celina Durgin, intern at Washington Business Journal, Summer 2012

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