Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

Keeping young people excited about entrepreneurship, innovation, freedom, and good, old-fashioned hard work. 

Bringing a taste for entrepreneurship back into the world of academia.

Young America’s Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise is a full scale effort dedicated to reinvigorating free market ideas in the minds of today’s youth.

Center for Entrepreneurship
Center for Entrepreneurship

A campus lecture series featuring the boldest innovators & thought leaders.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming lecture series. 

Seminars and masterclasses to train future leaders.

Young America’s Foundation’s programs are life-changing events. Students who have not yet been exposed to free enterprise ideas will be inspired by the stories of successful entrepreneurs and the compelling ideas of free market economists.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Bring entrepreneurship to your campus.

Host a Lecture

We work with students every step of the way to provide them with guidance and support to ensure that their efforts to spread their freedom-loving philosophy can be successfully shared with their peers.

Attend A Road To Freedom Seminar

Road to Freedom seminars are three-day programs that introduce students to the words of the intellectual leaders who influenced President Reagan and the largest peacetime expansion of the economy in American history.

Request Resources

Please contact Raj Kannappan at 800-USA-1776 to request information. 

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