Funeral for Halloween

Are leftists at your school killing Halloween with warnings of “cultural appropriation” and “political correctness” by telling you what you can and can’t wear on Halloween?

You can fight back in YAF style by hosting your own Funeral for Halloween. It’s a super easy way to advocate for free speech and push back against political correctness. It also shows your peers that in spite of the liberal narrative, it’s still okay to have fun on Halloween

1. Buy a coffin yard decoration or make one yourself by spray painting a long rectangular cardboard box.


2. Gather Halloween costumes from your members to display in the coffin. You can also obtain gravestones and other Halloween decorations to add to your display.


3. Write an obituary for Halloween (or use ours!) detailing how the Left and politically correct culture is killing this fun and lighthearted holiday on your campus.


4. Set up a table in a high traffic area on or around Halloween to hand out your obituaries and Halloween candy in front of your display to point out the ridiculousness of the “cultural appropriation” epidemic running rampant on college campuses and killing Halloween.



If you have questions about participating in the Funeral for Halloween or any of YAF’s other original activism initiatives, contact Kyle Ferrebee via email or our Freedom Hotline: 1-800-USA-1776!

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