GPA Tax Day Video Contest | April Initiative

Your liberal classmates believe it is moral to confiscate money from hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who didn’t earn it, yet what will they say when you ask them to apply that same philosophy to their grade point averages?

Young America’s Foundation invites you to film your fellow students’ reactions when you ask them to pledge their support to grant your school’s administration the power to redistribute grade point averages to those who are not high academic achievers.

We have created a “petition” for your group to use on tax day, April 18, to educate your peers about the immorality of socialism.

How It Works

*Film students’ reactions while you ask them if they would voluntarily redistribute their grade points to a failing student and turn their A to a B or B to a C in the name of  “fairness.” The hypocrisy is obvious. Liberals embrace socialist policies when their own property is unaffected, but when socialism affects them personally, watch them become advocates of free enterprise instantaneously!

*Video entries cannot include the word or words Democrat(s), Republican(s), vote, elect, election, campaign or reference anything political in nature. 

Go ahead, watch what happens when you ask them to “spread their grades around” to lower performing students.

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