Grant Strobl, University of Michigan

I remember sitting in my World History class in high school, listening to a lecture on the evils of America and of Christopher Columbus. I knew deep inside that America was the greatest nation ever devised because it gave opportunity to all people. Yet, I also knew that at such a young age, many of my classmates were impressionable to this blatant indoctrination. It was at this moment where I felt the need to do something– to fight back. I spent that night Google-ing conservative organizations, and stumbled upon Young America’s Foundation which stood out from the rest. I decided to send them an email. This email changed my life, and arguably launched my career in the conservative movement.

Young America’s Foundation was by my side during controversies, helped bring conservative lecturers to my campus, and exposed me to ideas that are rarely taught in our Nation’s high schools and universities. My first controversy dealing with the left-wing bias in education was when the principal of my high school blocked posters proclaiming “respect all women.” These posters brought to light the double standard that exists when the mainstream media berates conservative women. During a meeting with my principal, he declared the posters to be “vitriolic,” banning them. Young America’s Foundation stood by me, and helped me expose this decision to several national media outlets.

Also during my time in high school, Young America’s Foundation stood by me when district administration tried to prevent CEO Steve Forbes from speaking. After a year lobbying district administrators, and changing district policy, Steve Forbes ultimately spoke to an audience of 1,300 students. My efforts changed district policy, impacted thousands of students, and influenced the course of the school district.

After my experiences in high school, I immediately set my eyes on starting a YAF chapter at the University of Michigan. Shortly thereafter I was appointed to the national Board of Governors of Young Americans for Freedom.

At the University of Michigan I have held several successful events including a debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza, and lectures by Ben Shapiro, House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, Raheel Raza, Jonah Goldberg, Deroy Murdock and Ben Shapiro to name a few. I also led the charge to reinstate the filming of American Sniper after attempts of censorship by university administration, appearing on Fox News to support the screening. Moreover, I challenged professor, Susan Douglas in the national spotlight on Fox News for her article on why “we should all hate Republicans.” Young America’s Foundation supported me every step of the way.

Working with YAF, I learned leadership qualities and how to deal with adversity, both of which are qualities that are highly sought after in the job market. I Interned for Governor Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign in Michigan, for the Committee on House Administration, and for “Hannity” on Fox News. YAF has given me a platform to write: several of my articles have been published on YAF’s blog the New Guard, Red Alert Politics, and the Detroit News. Furthermore, I have been quoted in several prominent publications including the Washington Times, USA Today, Fox News, the Detroit News, and the Detroit Free Press.

Young America’s Foundation didn’t just change my life, it helped kick-start my career. No other organization dedicated to the conservative youth has a more successful track record than YAF. Simply put: YAF wins. If you want to make a difference on your campus and in your country, contact YAF today.

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