Hannah Payne, Unity Christian School

When people ask me about how I became involved with Young America’s Foundation it seems like just yesterday that I received a postcard in the mail inviting me to attend the National High School Leadership conference in Washington D.C. I had always been interested in politics, however this conference made me realize my strong belief in conservative values and provided me with the resources to defend those values.  With speakers like Bay Buchanan and Rachel Campos Duffy, I realized that conservative women were making a difference in the world of public policy. At that point I realized that wanting to work in D.C. in the future was not enough, I had to become active now.

Once I heard about the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) campus chapters and the support Young America’s Foundation provides to each chapter, I was convinced that I had to start a YAF chapter. Since starting a chapter at my school, Unity YAF has a substantial student body participation and students are being educated who have never heard about limited government, rights of the individual, or the Left’s attacks on freedom of speech through political correctness.

Our chapter has also been able to participate in many activism projects including the 9/11: Never Forget Project, Freedom Week, bringing in speakers, and starting a scholarship fund for veteran’s and active service member’s kids. Being involved with YAF has provided me with so many opportunities whether it is traveling across the country to hear from conservative speakers like Rafael Cruz, Ambassador John Bolton, and Dana Loesch or making friends from California, Texas, and more!

YAF has not only allowed me to hear from these speakers across the country, but also at my own school. Over the past two years my chapter had the privilege of hosting speakerRafael Cruz and Bay Buchanan on campus to give the entire student body a chance to hear conservative ideas on campus. Without the Foundation’s help this would not be possible, as my school was not able to provide funding for these speakers. Through working with Young America’s Foundation our YAF chapter was able to obtain financial assistance for both events. This is just one example of the constant support our YAF chapter receives from Young America’s Foundation. They are always there to help us plan events and continue our mission of promoting conservative ideas on campus.

Getting involved with YAF and starting a chapter at my school is honestly one of the best decisions I have made. I am confident that I would not be the person I am today without YAF. Being a part of YAF has allowed me to make connections in my community and nationwide giving me a platform to make a difference for the Conservative Movement now.



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When people ask me about how I became involved with Young America’s ...
The National High School Leadership Conference
Jul 10

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