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Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio is a dynamic Catholic university with 2,049 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students. Majors are available in more than 40 undergraduate subjects, and the college offers 33 undergraduate minors and seven graduate programs. As a devoutly Catholic institution, Franciscan lives by a conservative intellectual and social philosophy based on the strong liberal arts tradition and the teachings of the Catholic church. Many of Franciscan’s programs are devoted to obtaining a deeper knowledge of the history, philosophy, and culture that shaped Western Civilization. For example, the university offers five specific programs in which students learn directly about Western Civilization and the role of the Catholic church in its formation.

Franciscan also offers an honors program devoted to great books of the Western world. Many faculty members have distinguished themselves in conservative scholarship. Political science professor Dr. Stephen Krason penned books about the founding fathers and the Constitution. Legal Studies program director Brian Scharnecchia authored a three-volume work outlining and advocating a conservative approach to family issues. The University sponsors the nation’s only human life studies minor, which teaches students to think, speak, and act intelligently on human life issues. Using reason and logic, the newly-established Institute of Bioethics at Franciscan University sponsors forums and provides advanced training for students on abortion, euthanasia, the institution of marriage and other ethical issues that impact society.

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Campus life at Franciscan is different than most colleges. More than 700 students join small faith-sharing groups called “households.” Through sports, Bible study, prayer, and other social activities, households provide an essential bonding experience that parallels the mission of the university. A large portion of the student body’s free time is spent serving the community and attending Mass held on campus. A factor that distinguishes Franciscan is the student body’s devotion to activism on traditional religious values. Public policy, civic participation, and conservative activism groups remain popular among students.

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