Campus Activism

We can help you advocate for conservatism and speak out against the liberal agenda. Regardless of your experience, we have activism projects that can help your club stay active throughout the entire year. 

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You can get take part in Young America’s Foundation’s campus initiatives regardless of your activism experience.  Whether you are in college, in high school, or even home schooled, our initiatives can be organized any where. 

The resources and initiatives listed below are only a few of the activism ideas that are available for you to organize across the country.

Campus Activism

Get Your Conservative Swag

<br>Stand up for your principles and stand out on your campus.<br>We have complimentary items and tons of swag to help stand out for your conservative values.

Patriot Pack

Ready to take back your campus? At last, Young America’s Foundation’s Patriot Pack will help you get started!

Frustrated how leftist ideas are pushed in your classrooms, in campus programming, and by other liberal clubs? Now you can push back. Get started advancing the ideas you cherish by ordering YAF’s Patriot Pack!

In this activism kit you’ll receive:

  • ‘I Support Free Speech’ t-shirt
  • U.S. Constitutions to help your peers understand their rights
  • ‘I Support Free Speech’ stickers
  • ‘Freedom Not Socialism’ stickers
  • Reagan ‘Government Can’t Ban These Guns’ stickers
  • ‘Freedom’ buttons
  • And more!

Get your complimentary* Patriot Pack now by clicking the button below.

*complimentary for high school and college students only. You must have a college or high school id to order this package. 

College Requests High School Requests
Campus Activism
Campus Activism

Free Speech Box

Are your free speech rights being curtailed on your campus? Of course they are! Most schools infringe on students free speech rights, especially if you want to promote conservative ideas.

Well, we can help you push back at a moment’s notice.
Order our complimentary* Campus Free Speech Box, a $270.00 value,  and you will receive all that you need to protect your free speech rights including:

  • A Free Speech Quick Action Plan
  • 11×17 Free Speech posters
  • “I Support Free Speech, Not Political Correctness”
  • T-shirts for your officers
  • Free speech stickers
  • Free speech buttons
  • U.S. Constitutions
  • Printer labels to customize your posters

*complimentary for high school and college students only. You must have a college or high school id to order this package. 


This list of books is only a sampling of the best books available to help high school and college students balance their education with conservative ideas. The titles listed represent a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, but all are worth reading.


The caliber of the young people participating in your events and conferences is unparalleled. These young men and women are proof positive that the best is yet to come for our country.

Attorney General John Ashcroft
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