March Liberal Madness | Activism Project

Your club can dedicate a week towards the end of March to highlight the most outrageous statements made by liberal leaders. The Left never hesitates to remind the public when a conservative misspeaks.

Yet many outlandish remarks made by prominent liberals go unnoticed by the general public and the media.

You can use a bracket system similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament to highlight sixteen of the most radical liberals and their extreme statements.

This activity will encourage participation from other students and, if marketed correctly, build anticipation as to who will be voted by students as the “maddest” liberal in the country.

Young America’s Foundation has already compiled a list of sixteen liberal leaders and their top “moment of madness.

Begin by reserving a table in the student union or another high traffic area on campus for the entire week. Announce your plans to the local and campus press and advertise that students can come by your location to begin voting.

Create your bracket system on a dry erase board, chalk board, or poster board that can be displayed by your table. On each bracket, include the name and the picture of each leftist. Consider purchasing Velcro strips that can be attached to each name to allow you to move the name to the next series of brackets.
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