Grove City College

Grove City College is a Christian college located just north of Pittsburgh with 2,500 students. It offers 41 undergraduate majors. Its mission is to offer a rigorous academic education in a thoroughly Christian environment at an affordable cost. As a liberal arts institution, its web site also states: “Rejecting relativism and secularism, [Grove City College] fosters intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development consistent with a commitment to Christian truth, morals, and freedom.” The atmosphere created at Grove City College through its policies and programs encourages “the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and character development” of its students and staff.  Young America’s Foundation has a warm relationship with Grove City College.

Students almost always attend Foundation programs and there will be a Foundation high school conference at Grove City College in the summer of 2010. Grove City has a commitment to conservative scholarship in various fields. For example, Dr. Paul Kengor (political science) has written several best-selling books and is an expert in the American presidency. He is also executive director of the College’s think tank, The Center for Vision & Values. Dr. Tracy Miller (economics) has published articles examining international and agricultural economics and economic development.  Many of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises’ papers are housed and researched at the College. In addition, Grove City boasts a strong department of religion and a major in entrepreneurship. Engineering (ABET-accredited programs in mechanical and electrical engineering), education and business round out the most popular majors.

For More Information

Grove City College

100 Campus Drive

Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127

(724) 458-2100

Additionally, The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College is a think tank offering annual conferences, noted speakers and a chance for faculty members and fellows to share their editorials in media outlets around the country. The Center also produces numerous white papers on social, business, and economic subjects. Given its legal and financial independence from the federal government, Grove City College’s tuition, room and board are surprisingly low. Annual tuition is less than half the national average for four-year private institutions, and room and board is one-third less than the national average for such institutions, thanks to the College’s fiduciary responsibility.  It also has a private loan program as well as its own private need-based and merit-based scholarship program. As a result, Grove City has been called a “best value” in America in higher education time and time again.

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