Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College is a small Catholic college located in southern California with 351 students. No majors or minors are offered since all students participate in the prescribed great books curriculum. The secluded location in the hills of rural southern California provides a metaphor for the unique nature of this fine institution. TAC

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Thomas Aquinas College


10000 North Ojai Road

Santa Paula, California 93060

(800) 634-9797

The “great books” of Western civilization comprise the entire curriculum of Thomas Aquinas College, and all students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. Works on many subjects are included in the program, including music, mathematics, and science as well as philosophy, language, and theology.

Faculty members serve less as lecturers and more as facilitators using the Socratic method. Catholic faculty members publicly take the Oath of Fidelity and make a Profession of Faith at the beginning of their terms in office.

Campus life at Thomas Aquinas follows with traditional Catholic morality and teaching, and there are many groups in which students participate.  For example, the St. Genesius Players is a drama group that puts on productions, the choir often performs, and the “bushwhackers” maintain local trails and organize hiking trips.  Student groups are also involved with activism on issues related to traditional religious values.       

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