Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is a four-year undergraduate college in Merrimack, New Hampshire that carefully guides students through the best that has been written and thought throughout the history of Western civilization and the Catholic intellectual tradition. Thomas More College is a college where parents can be confident that their children will receive a liberal arts education that is rigorous and well-grounded in the permanent things, preparing them for whatever work they may be called upon to perform in the world. TMC

Students graduate from Thomas More College with a full knowledge of the literature, politics, philosophy, art, and architecture that has contributed to the development and formation of the Church, Western civilization, America’s constitutional order. The read the works of such luminary figures as Hayek, Kirk, Weaver, Friedman, Dawson, Burke, Eliot, Homer, Plato, Cicero, Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.

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Thomas More College of Liberal Arts


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In addition to mastering a wide array of readings, our students come to understand why they should learn what they learn; why certain authors are giants; why greatness in literary capability must not be equated with greatness in moral capability; and how the humanistic tradition of the West is their inheritance and will shape their lives. One of the hallmarks of the educational experience students receive at Thomas More College is a full semester spent in Rome, Italy, during their sophomore year.


Living and studying in Rome need little justification: the experience of the city gives immediacy and substance to the broad range of studies at the College, awakening the student to the significance of Rome on the formation of Western civilization and the Catholic Church. As importantly, the Roman Republic was a major influence on America’s Founders as they sought to establish a republic in the New World. By studying and experiencing first hand Roman institutions, students come to understand the significance of and develop a greater appreciation for the American experiment.
By providing students with a deep understanding of first principles, training them to think and write clearly, and preparing them for public speaking, Thomas More College is engaging in the indispensible task of nurturing a new generation of leaders who are prepared to defend the Christian and free market roots of our society throughout their lives.

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