Make a Difference With YAF

It can be difficult to hear conservative ideas at school. Many in academia espouse leftist ideas, yet the principles free markets and limited government are rarely presented accurately.

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) brings students together to advocate for individual freedom, free enterprise, a strong national defense, and traditional American values.

You can create a visible presence for the Conservative Movement, provide a bold alternative to the leftist ideas promoted on campus, and ensure your peers are introduced to conservative ideas by getting involved with Young Americans for Freedom.

Become a member of YAF

Whether you have been in a Young Americans for Freedom chapter for years or you don’t yet have a chapter, but want to be a part of America’s most influential and effective group of young conservatives, you can now join thousands of other patriotic students and become a member of Young Americans for Freedom!

Want to build a movement at your school? Start a Chapter!

By far, starting a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at your school so that other likeminded, conservative students can gather together and advance America’s founding principles is the best way to make a difference in your community–and build powerful networks and make lifelong friends!

What Students Are Saying

  • Rayna Laakso

    With YAF I am able to bring ideas that diversify Rocky Mountain College and educate students on the values of freedom and limited government. In this critical time, I am able to stand for the truth and lead others to promote freedom because of YAF. Additionally, our chapter is given the opportunity to hear from the most popular conservative speakers around the country – even all the way in Montana.

    ~Rayna Laakso, Rocky Mountain College

  • Daniel Barron1

    YAF has transformed my life, from traveling across the United States, to hearing from world-renowned Conservative speakers, to creating life-long friendships. YAF has given me the tools necessary to inspire others to preserve the time tested conservative values that make this country great!

    ~Daniel Barron, California State University-Los Angeles

  • james smithlarge

    Through YAF, I have been able to bring Conservative speakers and ideas to my campus to hundreds of students who may have never heard a Conservative viewpoint. YAF is a tremendous resource for any student hoping to share those ideas with others and inspire change on campus.

    ~James Smith, The Ohio State University

  • Brooke Cupicca Western Washington University

    On a campus that is predominantly Liberal, Conservative voices are silenced because of a biased ideology. YAF continually encourages students to use their First Amendment Rights and stand up for what is right. I decided to get involved in YAF because I was tired of conservative values vanishing on campuses, and I wanted to make a difference with my fellow peers.

    ~Brooke Cupicca, Western Washington University

  • Tony Proulx

    Diversity of viewpoint and discussion is one of the essentials to keeping a society together from UMD to the country as a whole. Through YAF, it has not only become a second home to me, but an organization I was able to see grow from my very eyes when I founded the chapter. It is truly one of the best student organizations where students are able to hear viewpoints atypical on a college campus, especially conservative ones, and learn and facilitate discussions around difficult but important issues today.

    ~Tony Proulx, University of Maryland

  • Miranda Spindt Marquette University

    I joined YAF freshman year and I quickly realized how much they have to offer. The resources and support they give students every step of the way is unmatched. I have learned so much from them about how to be an effective leader and activist and I am so proud to be part of YAF.

    ~Miranda Spindt, Marquette University

  • Phillip Smith

    No other conservative organization can offer the same level of individual development that YAF boasts. The conferences, seminars, and speaking events Young Americans for Freedom organizes empower us to be activists and to better capture the hearts and minds of our peers.

    ~Phillip Smith, University of Florida

  • aleva

    I wanted to start a YAF Chapter at my high school, because I noticed that the student body had very minimal exposure to conservatism. The vast majority of my school thought negatively about conservatives due to the preposterous lies that the “Lame-stream Media” fed to them, and I wanted to change that. I wanted to educate my peers on what the true values of a patriotic conservative are, and still continue to do so.

    ~Alex Leva, Cristo Rey St. Martin High School

  • Reed Olsen

    YAF has given me the ability to meet incredible speakers and network with other conservatives nationwide. It has given me the resources to generate a higher level of activism on campus, primarily through the avenues of new ideas and a greater connection to the national conservative movement.

    ~Reed Olsen, Texas A&M

  • Charles Klapatauskas 2

    Unlike other conservative organizations, YAF makes clear and intense strides to promote true conservatism for students at all Universities, and it creates true culture + policy changes on campus. The media attention YAF created will have a profound impact on not only this issue, but our campus issues as a whole.

    ~Charles Klapatauskas, Iowa State University

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