College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is a unique Christian Work College with about 1,400 students, located in Point Lookout, Missouri.  Dubbed as “Hard Work U.” by The Wall Street Journal, it has a special work-study program in which students work in lieu of paying tuition. In addition to the 41 majors, 38 minors, and eight pre-professional programs it offers, the College of the Ozarks has an extensive character education program.  As soon as students arrive for freshman orientation, they begin character education programs and abide by a dress code and an honor code.

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College of the Ozarks Admissions

P.O. Box 17

Point Lookout, Missouri 65726

(800) 222-0525

A core liberal arts curriculum is required of all students, and an optional character-based curriculum is available.  The general education curriculum is “purposefully complemented by an emphasis on the development of vital competencies,” such as writing, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary connections.  Overall, the College of the Ozarks offers a robust array of programs and excellent opportunities to receive a well-rounded education. One of the most distinctive features of the College of the Ozarks is the work-study program.  All students work 15 hours per week instead of paying tuition.  Many students find interesting jobs at the College such as working at the College’s own restaurant and lodge, print shop, landscaping department, or on the farm.  Two 40-hour weeks are also required during longer breaks, including Christmas or Easter.

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