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Founded in 1978, Regent University has more than 4,800 students studying on its campus in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and online around the world. Regent offers associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from a Christian perspective in fields including business, communication and the arts, divinity, education, government, law, leadership, and psychology and counseling. In addition to the rigorous academic environment, Regent offers other unique opportunities. The Ronald Reagan Symposium, held each year in conjunction with the former president’s birthday, features nationally and internationally known scholars, including Harvey Mansfield (Harvard), William Kristol (Weekly Standard), Michael Barone (Washington Examiner and FOXNews), Jean Bethke Elshtain (Chicago), and George Nash (The Russell Kirk Center).

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Reagan Symposium topics have included “The Future of Conservatism” and “The Future of American Culture.” Each Symposium comes out as a scholarly book. For example, The New York Times published a long and favorable review on “The Future of Conservatism: Conflict and Consensus in the Post-Reagan Era.” Clash of the Titans®, annually showcases debates between leading political heavyweights, such as Lt. Col. Oliver North, Mike Huckabee, Arianna Huffinington, Steve Forbes, Howard Dean, Geraldine Ferraro, Alan Colmes, Newt Gingrich and Ehud Barak, debating the war in Iraq, presidential elections, peace in the Middle East, and the American economic crisis.

Regent’s monthly Executive Leadership Series brings a cross-section of preeminent leaders to campus. Among them are Rudy Giuliani, Dick Morris, Maria Bartiromo, John Maxwell, Art Williams, Barbara Corcoran and Zig Ziglar. “Christian Leadership to Change the World,” Regent’s motto since its founding, motivates its resolve to offer unparalleled opportunities. The Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and thousands of other alumni got their start at Regent University.

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