Saint Vincent College

Saint Vincent College is a traditional Catholic college in rural Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh.  With almost 1,700 students, it offers a comprehensive liberal arts program in the Benedictine tradition. Archabbot Wimmer, the founder of St. Vincent College, noted that students should learn “first what is necessary, then what is useful, and finally what is beautiful and will contribute to their refinement.”  The college continues that vision with a strong core curriculum promoting hard work and the study of philosophy.  In addition, St. Vincent boasts a strong writing program and is committed to theology, mathematics, and the natural sciences in the core curriculum. The student life at St. Vincent is unique given its proximity to the monastery and influence of the Benedictine community.

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Saint Vincent College

300 Fraser Purchase Road

Latrobe, Pennsylvania 15650

(724) 537-4540

The college is committed to service learning and volunteering. Everyone in the first-year class participates in an orientation community service event.  There is a very active campus ministry, and President Jim Towey takes a service group of 12 students each year to serve in Mother Theresa’s mission in Calcutta. The Alex G. McKenna School of Economics and Government highlights conservative ideas through its programs including the Center for Political and Economic Thought, where internationally recognized guests interact with students and faculty through lectures and events.  A focus on philosophy and principles instead of current events and polling data, especially in political science, allows students to learn more deeply about the importance of Western civilization.

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